My Happy Hearts Collection

Me, Myself and My Happy Hearts!

Chopard presents a brand-new collection with My Happy Hearts: A constellation of dainty hearts to be worn alone or stacked as stylish accessories. Kind and nurturing, My Happy Hearts is a gift that we give ourselves: discreet emblems of an emancipated generation, and the hallmark of a reinvented relationship with oneself.

My Happy Hearts

A declaration of independence

A jewel for yourself

Treating yourself to a piece of jewellery is a testimony of the respect and love that you have for yourself. Such is the vocation of My Happy Hearts, a sign of a love of self embodied in dainty jewellery cultivated on the body like a fashion accessory. Hearts like points of light punctuating a look with their versatile magnetism.
Infinite combinations

Tailor-made style

Each piece of My Happy Hearts jewellery accentuates a radical stylistic direction, that of chic minimalism; while its small size enables it to play the game of mix and match in different models and colours, opening up an infinite range of combinations to suit our moods, outfits, emotions or the whims of the seasons.
A sensual link

Precious skin lingerie

Used as a fashion accessory akin to a designer handbag or a pair of luxury pumps, giving density to even the simplest outfit - from Pilates sessions to flamboyant parties. Slender, discreet, gossamer-light "kawaii" jewellery which like skin lingerie, become a sensual link between you and yourself. That is the essence of My Happy Hearts.
Radiating the light cultivated within

A sheltering heart

Tender, playful, generous, mischievous, and so very happy, the heart is the symbol of vitality and peace and an undisputed Chopard icon present in all its collections – from Haute Joaillerie to watches and accessories. Embodying this symbolism, My Happy Hearts is a manifesto dedicated to tenderness, to gentleness captured and nurtured amid a sometimes rough world.