Me, Myself and
My Happy Hearts!

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Chopard Joie de Vivre

Julia Roberts

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Mille Miglia 2022 Race Edition

Honouring a legendary race

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Valentine's Day

As always, for Valentine's Day this year, Chopard is living up to its reputation as the Messenger of Love! Choose your loved one's gift from an incredible luxury jewellery and Swiss watch selection created by our Artisans of Emotions to help you get your special message across.
Racing in rose gold

A precision chronograph for racing enthusiasts

The 250-piece chronometer-certified Mille Miglia 2022 Race Edition chronograph features ethical 18-carat rose gold on the crown, pushers and bezel, a silver-grey dial, and intensely blue hands, hour-markers and bezel inlay. A symphony of masculine elegance, mechanical precision, watchmaking performance, racing ergonomics – all dedicated to the beauty of driving.

Ice cube

Symbolising perfection and miraculous geometry, the cube is a source of inspiration in all creative fields. The Ice Cube collection daringly plays on its rare nature and disruptive aesthetics, with infinite flashes of light glinting off its multiple facets.
Julia Roberts and Happy Diamonds

An encounter between two icons

Together with Julia Roberts, dancing diamonds engage in a playful and invigorating pas de deux, exuding a madly inspiring energy. From Happy Diamonds to the observers’ gaze, a whole world lights up and comes to life through a smile that is at once intimate and powerful.